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Zara talent

Zara Talent Tour is in town at The Space on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, anyone wish to sign up for a photo-shoot should head down there! 22nd July to 9th August. talenttour.zara.hk

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Topshop opens its first store Hong Kong, located on Queens Road in Central. A buzzing atmosphere inviting customers for personalised shopping with stylists and something new to HK, brand comms prompting mobile users to log onto free WiFi and share via social networks. Will this store be a stepping stone into mainland China?

IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3798 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3806

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Merging the physical and digital: Smartphones supporting NFC and the latest Bluetooth will allow the phones to ‘talk’ to other objects with integrated RFID tags. Customers can gain deeper information about the brand or product, even taking personalisation to the next level. Embedding RFID chips, or radio frequency tags into products and store support interaction from technology devices.

RFID NFC product phone_R

RFID NFC product phone_RM

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Layered photographic window installation.

Dunhill window 01 

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New Samsung store located at Harbour City in Hong Kong. Looks like they could have done with a bigger shop! Neat looking store though couldn’t see much. Lot’s of staff, most attending sales with some leading product tutorials.


samsung 115 samsung 03


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Change behaviour: An everyday problem that could be solved with a simple floor graphic or pavement detail.

bank queue 02

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ID magazine exhibition with a photobooth in Joyce on Queens Road in Hong Kong. Great to see some of the old ID magazines and I just managed to squeeze in the photobooth to get a picture. It was very tight in the booth, I couldn’t even contort myself to press the shutter release. They missed a good social media opportunity here, no drive to personal Weibo, Facebook or Twitter accounts …

id photobooth 2

id photobooth id photobooth 4 id photobooth 3


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Land Rover

Hum, seen at Hong Kong airport, I wouldn’t say creativity is in the blood Land Rover. Been done before I see.


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china driving

Observations from China. Most people seem to drive like they ride bikes, with no understanding of the give-way rule traffic congestion backs up rapidly.

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This is a lovely shop. Corthay, the bespoke shoemaker opened the store at the end of August in the Landmark shopping mall in Hong Kong. Many considered details in the store and soon felt welcomed, the staff member introduced herself while being knowledgeable about the brand, the shoes were being meticulously cared for at a work bench on the counter.




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